Marya Layth

Artist & Writer

More than Bread

A book for...
The dreamer and the realist
The skeptic and the believer.
The seeker and the sought.
In her debut collection of poetry and prose, Marya Layth invites you to sit beneath the night sky with a girl who catches the attention of a star.
More than Bread boldly and whimsically explores the duality of human nature as poems interweave through the interaction between the unlikely pair -- revealing the story of a heart that aches, a heart that awes, a heart that wonders why...a heart like yours.
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What readers have said

Marya Layth tells this story with the sort of wise and gentle voice that made me think of a Peter S. Beagle-inspired folktale. And her poetry demonstrates a timeless eloquence and wisdom. Seriously. So many of these poems read like classic literature. — Morgan Nikola-Wren (author of “Magic with Skin On”)
A lovely exploration of being human in a sometimes cruel world, and how sometimes, the cruelty comes from within — Amanda Linsmeier (author of “Like Waves”)

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Marya Layth is a writer and artist hailing from New Jersey. Layth’s work is driven by the desire to fill empty spaces with meaning—an obsession that leads her to the blank page and canvas time and time again. Marya has found refuge and strength in creativity since childhood; using it as a means to combat chaos and a tool to express the power of love.